Whether on business or holiday, a destination is only truly worthwhile if the accommodations suit each and every traveler. Our hotel-partners ensure the most friendly, relaxing and enjoyable stay for all its guests. Whether you visit the islands for business, or as a honeymoon destination, for diving, golf, or simply to get away from big-city stress, Century Travel’s partner-hotels make your island experience every bit more worthwhile.

At the Kanoa Resort, our guests will notice a different ambience. There are now more smiles and hellos, friendlier and more helpful staff, and a freedom that takes you far away from the worries of home.

Convenience and comfort has found its place in the middle of Garapan, the true heart of Saipan. A quaint and locally-owned hotel located on the beautiful island of Saipan, Century Hotel prides itself on its friendly staff and clean, comfortable rooms.

In the tropical islands of Micronesia, as in many countries around the world, the word “fiesta” represents fun, celebration and a warm, cultural tradition. There is one place where these all come to life: Fiesta Resort Guam, a beautiful, boutique style Resort.

As you look through the different windows showcasing our resorts wonderful services and facilities we invite you to experience our warm and friendly Micronesian hospitality, comfortable accommodations, delectable dishes, fun and exciting sports and recreational activities for the whole family as well as soothing spa, all in the comfort of a resort haven in the midst of a tropical paradise.